Project Introduction
Name:Web-based Version Control System
Language(s):Java, PHP
Technologies:XML, SOAP, JNDI, RMI, JSP/Servlet, PSP
Goal: Provide a Java application, which can manage a version control system using XML to store the versioning information. This application is a server system which can be accessed from a client application (maybe in PHP) either local or remote or from a server page/servlet on a webserver.
Technical Overview
Restarted some work on this project spending some evenings pondering on the approach to choose and get some stuff out of my hands and get rid of the brainstorm status as indicated above. The picture below gives a high-level overview of some of the initial choices made.

Socket always have a certain appeal to me so I looked into the JSSE framework and after some struggling with certificates and stumbling on some remark that the framework can not determine whether incoming data on the server is a SSH message or application data I got the secure socket operational for communication with the client.

I decided to use XML messages over this socket connection to handle client server dialogs and Castor seems like a perfect tool to generate my Java classes for parsing and marshalling from XML to Java instances and vice versa. All that needs to be done now is get some sensible set of messages and create a XSD schema for it. So RMI and SOAP are out for now unless someone can explain the advantages of putting it all in SOAP envelopes.

At least one message is being defined and handled for testing. The login message is parsed on the server side and the JAAS framework is used to provide client authenthication. Currently this will always complete successfully because there is some implementation missing.

Feature List
1.1VC elements are stored in XML format.P1.0

status abbreviations: C=Comitted, P=Planned, S=Study, D=Dropped

Project Activities
1Information Analysis for WVCSAAvS

status abbreviations: I=Inactive, A=Active, F=Finished

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